Interim Constitutional Committee members election 2024 - Overview

Applications are now closed. To read more about the role and the consultation period on the constitution - see here

Interim Constitution Committee Guiding Principles:

  • Uphold the interim Constitution - the primary and most fundamental principle of the interim CC is to uphold the interim Cardano Constitution. The interim Constitution provides the framework and guardrails for collective decision making. The interim CC, above all else, must fulfill its role to ensure the Constitution is upheld when making any decision.

  • Must be an ADA holder - to ensure the interim CC member is a member of the Cardano community, as well as to enable participation in on-chain voting, every CC member must be an ADA holder.

  • Transparent deliberation - Cardano’s on-chain governance model, as specified in CIP-1694, provides a foundation of open and transparent governance processes. The interim CC, and its individual members, will consider how it deliberates and makes decisions with transparency in mind.

  • Regular communication - the interim CC is expected to meet regularly to review and evaluate the constitutionality of each governance action, confer on technical guidance and analysis and, with Intersect’s administrative support, take minutes to be published publicly.

  • Publish rationale - when accepting or rejecting a proposal, the interim CC may publish in writing a rationale for decisions made, justifying the reasons why a particular governance action is or is not constitutional.

  • Stay informed - the interim CC (and the individual members) should stay abreast of important issues impacting on the network.

Currently, interim CC members will not be remunerated; however a support package via an administrative function at Intersect will help cover such expenses as for administration, communications, technical and legal support, and education and training. In the future, via community discussion, a remuneration proposal may come to fruition.

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