Focus Areas for 2024

  • Consultation period workshop distribution (Q1 2024)

  • Constitution philosophy working group (2024)

  • Metadata standards: DReps, governance actions, CC, SPOs etc.

  • Ecosystem mapping - “see” what we’re governing

  • Incentives design

  • Input to a future Cardano budget committee

  • Monitoring initial parameter settings after the hard fork.

  • How to bring more transparency to the community about this committee

  • Intersect governance framework -> is this the right committee?

  • Gather business requirements for software that DReps/CC may want to participate responsibly, for example manage key security. Include requirement inputs for Voltaire V2

  • Recommending the role that Catalyst should play in the transitional stage of Voltaire.

  • Enabling off-chain discussions about proposals and maintaining a history of these discussions.

  • Monitoring tools for on-chain voting to verify that they are maintained and operational.

  • Updating guidelines, templates and standards for on-chain voting.

  • Providing non-binding recommendations as requested by the community regarding the improvement of Cardano Governance.

  • Providing support and administrative resources to the Constitutional Committee.

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