Intersect Committee Development

This page is being developed to enable the Membership Community to understand how we are developing the committees on behalf of the community. This page will evolve and change. If you have any questions please contact the committee liaison.

This area will include but not limited to:

  • The work we are doing to mature the committees,

  • The miro board of the committee liaison role

  • The complex inter-dependencies between the committees,

  • The communication plans to ensure we are engaging with the community effectively

  • Much more.

We will include placeholders for areas with expected population dates so you know what we are currently working on, considering and thinking.

If there is any other overarching information you would like to see please let me know.

We are going to work in the open so our Membership Community can see everything we are doing on your behalf to stand up, develop and mature the communities. We will be using the following statements define the maturity of the work and pages.

Embryonic - This is work which is in its infancy but in the interest of being open and transparent we want to share the initial thinking with the membership community as soon as possible.

Work in Progress - This is for work which we are currently working on but has not yet been reviewed or approved.

Approved - This is for work which has been completed, shared with the community and approved.

In Review - This is for work which has previously been approved and being reviewed and updated.

Future Thinking - This is work which is being thought about or we know we need to do but has not yet started.

We welcome constructive feedback and if there is a particular piece of work you would like to get involved in then please let us know.

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