DRep Program Overview

Please find below the Onboarding pack utilized during the onboarding session.

Goals of the Program

Intersect would like to sponsor a DRep Pioneer Program by inviting selected members to deliver the course to the Cardano community as Pioneer Workshop Leaders.

By the end of the program, a significant part of the community will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively participate in the new governance role - DRep.

A major goal of this initiative is to develop a continuous learning program that will support the first cohort of DReps’ to be able to effectively perform their role in Cardano’s proposed governance design.

A further goal of the program is to create materials that can be used ‘standalone’ independent from the training courses, so that a potential DRep can train themselves on what is required in an intuitive and clear way.


Since this initiative holds significant importance for the Cardano community, we anticipate Pioneer Workshop Leaders to collaborate closely, share resources and insights, and take ownership of their roles to decentralize this program effectively.

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