Martin Lang

Grant Value : 70,000 ADA


  • Update the StakePool Operator (SPO) Scripts to be compatible in the Conway Ledger Era


  • Confirm or modify the set of new scripts for SPOs

  • Update all relevant SPO scripts

  • Including, but not limited to:

  1. generating new credentials as a constitutional committee member and dRep;

  2. generating and seeing the generated dRep ID;

  3. delegating to a dRep;

  4. submitting a governance action;

  5. voting as an SPO, dRep and Constitutional Committee member;



  • At the time accepting the grant I knew, that there are still some hurdles to be taken out by the IO team in regards of cardano-node and cardano-cli issues. But, the amount of chain respins, new/changed features and schedules to wait for fixed reported bugs was longer than I had wished for. Doing also Hardware-Wallet testing was not on my schedule, but had to be done to fulfil the project because the SPO Scripts were always the first that implemented new stuff related to Hardware-Wallet. Cardano-node and cardano-cli are still getting updates and changes every day, but thats out of the scope of this grant. However, I will of course continue to support the project and will do updates in the future like I did in the past.

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