Grant Value : 70,000 ADA


  • update Plutarch to take advantage of features in the Conway Ledger Era


  • Document relevant changes required for Plutarch

  • Document relevant ledger, specification and API changes for Plutarch libraries

  • This is likely to include, but may not be limited to;

    1. BLS curve features;

    2. Untyped Plutus Core (UPLC) optimizations;

    3. Changes to the UTXO body

    4. Integration of governance credentials and certificates, delegation, governance action interactions, and voting features;

    5. Test the updated and new features above, on the Sancho network; seek user feedback from MLabs’s major clients and other key ecosystem players on the updated and new features above; where feasible, integrate and test requested changes from the user feedback; communicate and promote Plutarch changes to other Intersect members and the Cardano community at large to increase awareness of the tools available to support developers


  • In progress - Completion due 31st May

  • Pull requests completed up-to PlutusLedger V3 implementation are as follows:

    633 - Fix PRationalData's POrd instance, add test cases

  • 638 - Add Subproject changelogs

  • 645 - Create plutarch-api, to separate ledger api from plutarch core

  • 648 - Append plutarch-extra utilities relating to ledger api to plutarch-api

  • 650 - Fix script compilation logic that prevents function application from and to error type

  • 651 - Relocate TermCont tools into plutarch for better accessibility

  • 659 - Prune all ledger api related modules from plutarch and plutarch-extra in favor of pluatrch-api


  • TBC

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