Grant Value : 70,000 ADA


  • Implement CIP-95 and SanchoNet functionality into NuFi


  • Updated NuFi wallet software: so users are able to connect the wallet to SanchoNet users are able to connect and interact with CIP95 governance dApps

  • Includes but is not limited to:

    1. Display the new governance transaction types (vote delegation, DRep registration, DRep retirement, vote, submit a governance action)

    2. Provide information for users that explains why reward accounts with stake credentials not delegated to a DRep will be blocked from withdrawing any rewards



  • The governance functionality integration into NuFi went rather smoothly. We only faced minor issues regarding the Sanchonet node/db-sync stability and schema changes.

    We also consider the on-chain requirement to delegate to a DRep before withdrawing staked funds as a possible UX and maybe even legal challenge (institutional delegators, centralized exchanges, ...) for other wallets/(d)apps in the Cardano ecosystem which may deserve further discussion at community level.

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