Grant Value : 70,000 ADA


  • Implement CIP-95 in Typhon Wallet and update Cardanoscan with the necessary informational features required for the Conway Ledger Era


Includes but is not limited to:

  1. Showing for a given epoch governance action that was submitted, ratified, enacted, expired, or dropped (it is most important that users can see which actions were successful/unsuccessful - especially for the most recent set of results)

  2. Showing when & whether a given governance action is submitted, ratified, enacted, expired, or dropped

  3. User can search/ filter governance actions by submitted, ratified, enacted, expired or dropped status

  4. Votes cast by each DRep ID

  5. Delegated stake to each DRep ID

  6. Votes cast by each constitutional committee member

  7. Votes cast by each SPO


  • In progress - Completion due 31st May


  • TBC

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