GM Cardano - Governance Matters Cardano videos/podcast

Mellod Designs, Inc. will develop concise, entertaining 5-minutes videos aimed at elucidating the key aspects of Cardano Governance. These professionally crafted films, hosted, directed, and edited by Mellod Designs, Inc., will be disseminated across various social platforms to reach the Cardano Community, including transcript. This will also be stored in full 4k Glory on immutable decentralised storage, with links minted as NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain. Lloyd and Melannie Duhon will serve as the knowledgeable hosts, presenting a weekly format designed to educate viewers on the intricacies of Cardano governance. This initiative promises to be both informative and engaging, fostering greater understanding and participation within the Cardano ecosystem. This project is due to be complete by August 2024.

Grant value: 106,000 ADA

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