Governance Education Through Infographics, Threads, and Tutorials. English and Spanish.

Lucas Macchiavelli aims to extend and deepen the impact of the Cardano governance through a comprehensive suite of multimedia resources, including infographics, articles, social media threads, and tutorials, tailored to engage and inform the Cardano Community. The proposal will unfold over 6 months, featuring a total of 7 threads, 14 graphics and 3 Articles, making governance concepts accessible and engaging in English and Spanish. Content will cover key topics like CIP 1694, dReps, SPOs, and the constitutional committee.

Grant value: 34,000 ADA

  • Milestone 1: How CIP 1694 Works (Article, Thread, Infographic) and what is the Constitutional Committee (Infographic)

  • Milestone 2: What are dReps (Infographic), the Chang Hard Fork (Article and Thread) and what is SanchoNet & how to join (Thread)

  • Milestone 3: Interim Constitution (Article and Infographic), Interim Constitution (Thread) and CIP 1694 Story so Far Timeline (Infographic)

  • Milestone 4: What is Intersect and Its Structure (Infographic), Intersect and how to join (Thread), Projects Building on Cardano (Infographic) and all projects building on Intersect (Infographic)

  • Milestone 5: Intersect Townhall Invitation (Graphic), Constitutional Committee Presentation (Infographic and Thread) and how to create a Governance Action (Thread)

  • Milestone 6: How to become a DRep (Thread), Constitutional Convention (Infographic), Types of Motions (Infographic), Constitutional Workshops Invitation (Infographic)

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