Open Space

Grants awarded for Open Space:


Grantee will create short form videos (less than 2 minutes) that are educational, engaging and entertaining. They will distribute the short form content across 5 different social media platforms ensuring a maximised reach.

Grant value: 5,300 ADA

Rami Hanania

Grantee will enhance engagement within the MENA Cardano community by leveraging the Intersect Town Halls, the Intersect development updates and sharing wider Cardano Governance knowledge on a monthly basis. This will consist of a MENA monthly Community Meeting in English, followed by a YouTube video published in English synthesising the information discussed with a transcription in Arabic on Cardano Forum. This will focus on inclusivity and adaptability, with the collaboration of Intersect to support in curating diverse topics and formats for each meeting, ensuring relevance to the global/ MENA Cardano community.

Grant value: 21,060 ADA

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