Twitter Space

Jenny Brito

The grantee will manage and host two monthly Twitter (X) Spaces, for Intersect, over a course of a year. They will plan each session’s content, ensuring it aligns with the latest developments from Intersect committees, working groups, and grantees. There will be an emphasis on inclusion and accessibility, making it easier for all community members to engage without specialised knowledge. The grantee will coordinate with co-hosts to create an engaging environment that promotes meaningful conversations, enriching the overall interactive experience.

Grant value: 31,600 ADA

  • Milestone 1 - Initial setup and Twitter Space framework.

  • Milestone 2 - Host Twitter Spaces Month 1 to 4.

  • Milestone 3 -Host Twitter Spaces Month 5 to 8.

  • Milestone 4 - Host Twitter Spaces Month 9 to 12.

  • Milestone 5 - close-out report.

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