Stable Coin

Grantee will conduct preliminary research into the feasibility, advantages, and challenges of onboarding USDT (Tether) and USDC (USD Coin) natively onto the Cardano blockchain. This research aims to explore potential benefits, risks, technical considerations and costs associated with integrating these stablecoins into the Cardano ecosystem.

Grant value: 66,000 ADA

  • Milestone 1 - Research Set- up:

    • Development of survey questions

    • Develop a list stakeholders and targets for all the meetings

    • Collaboration with StableCoin working group

  • Milestone 2 - Final Delivery report

    • Conduct meeting with:

      • Internal Cardano companies

      • Circle and Tether to ascertain cost and timeframe estimates

      • Dapp companies using Cardano

      • External companies that currently use USDC and USDT to understand the advantages they have received

      • Collaboration with StableCoin working group

    • Present findings

    • Final write up and next steps

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