Community Hub FAQs

What are Community Hubs required to do?

The purpose of Community Hubs is to help build, develop, educate and enable the local community to contribute towards governance actions on Cardano. This will be done through monthly Town Halls tailored to local Intersect communities, dedicated regional Discord channels, translation and localized content to drive inclusion and participation, local meet-ups and regional events. The details of these activities will be subjective depending on the location of the hub. Hubs will also be required to conduct research and analysis throughout the engagement to define the cost of membership subscription pricing models for the region as well as grow the regional membership base.

Who will be in charge of a Community Hub?

A Hub Manager will be appointed for each Community Hub.

What's the cap on funding for each hub and is there a set timeframe for using the funds?

There is no hard cap or set timeframe, however benchmarking around 20,000 ADA and between 5-7 months is reasonable. How you choose to spend the grant will be taken into consideration and this should be broken down in your application. If you have other people in your region who would jointly take part in growing the hub then this is ultimately beneficial.

Will the grant be paid in full to the Community Hub?

The grant will be received by the Hub Manager. Funds will be distributed by the Hub Manager on a monthly basis in line with agreed monthly activities.

Is it mandatory for Community Hubs to have a physical presence? If yes, could you share any specific guidelines or requirements for these spaces?

It is not mandatory to have a physical space, however you would need to justify how you will be creating the same connection as if you were to be meeting face to face which can potentially be more challenging to do. Some face-to-face events throughout the year could be a good way to support this.

What support is available from Intersect to set up a Community Hub?

There will be weekly calls with the Intersect community team to review progress and deadlines. The community team will also provide information, news and support to aid delivery. This includes providing the Intersect Discord Server link so the hub can establish sub-channels, creating a section on the Intersect website dedicated to the Community Hub and the hub will have access to branding documents for future events.

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