Grant FAQs

What is the application process for Grants?

  1. Sign up to be an Intersect member via the Intersect website

  2. All Intersect members will be invited to apply via email.

  3. All members are expected to read and understand the eligibility criteria and available grants.

  4. Members will submit their proposal through the portal by the due date for the corresponding grant. Members will receive an automated confirmation email once they have submitted.

  5. Proposals will be reviewed to select the winner(s).

  6. All proposers will be notified of the grant decision using the contact email provided in the submission. Decisions are expected ~4 weeks after applications close.

  7. Winners will be contacted to finalize grant details and kick off the project!

What do I need to do to be eligible to apply?

Please visit the Eligibility Criteria on our website.

How are the Grants evaluated?

Please visit the Evaluation criteria on our website. This may vary depending on the category but broadly each proposal will be evaluated on the fit for purpose, the team structure and expertise, thought-out costing, maintenance plan, timeline and milestones.

Is there an updated schedule for all the grants opening and closing?

Intersect will open each category on a rolling schedule. Keep an eye on the grants pages at, and Intersect channels for more information and announcements.

Will only one proposal be supported, or will more than one proposal be supported?

The grants will be across multiple categories, awarding several grants. You can find more information about the categories that will be open at “Learn More”.

Are there minimum or maximum amounts for subsidies?

You can find information about the grant amount within each category’s detailed brief. Please visit, “Learn More”, “Proposal Discussion Forum Grant.”, “Considerations”

English is not my first language. Am I able to apply for a Grant?

You are able to submit a proposal however this would need to be in coherent English and the Intersect team would need to be able to communicate with you on a call to discuss your proposal and progression if you were to be successful.

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