About Intersect Working Groups

The definitions for working groups and special interest groups have been aligned, if you have any thoughts please add them to the discord channel.

New interest groups are spun up by members frequently and this section is regularly updated.

The content of the working groups in this space has been provided by the community directly, and if you spot any errors or misinformation please contact the committee team who can help rectify them.


We are excited to announce a new initiative to maximize the wealth of expertise within our community by leveraging self-assembled "Special Interest Groups (SIGs)". These groups will enable our membership community to form around topics of interest and discuss with other community members.

SIGs can remain as SIGs or if appropriate and a deliverable is agreed with a Committee they can transfer to being a "Working Group", thus enhancing our collaborative efforts and achieve our goals more efficiently and effectively. Once the agreed delivery has been achieved the group can also revert to a SIG if they so wish.

Committee Secretaries will be liaising with all of the Working Groups currently in place. All working groups already working directly on a committee agreed task will remain as is, all other working groups that don't have an agreed delivery will be reassigned as a Special Interest Group (SIG) so their discussions can continue with no pressure of a delivery.

So what will change for Working Groups which are re-assigned, in many cases very little. Discord discussions will remain and if you require Google Drives, Miro boards, GitBook areas align with a Committee or the MCC for those not aligned, MCC can arrange this for you. For SIGs not wanting to maintain a GitBook space then these will be removed and the aligned committee or MCC will just list key information under their areas.

We understand that this change may raise concerns among those currently involved in working groups. This reorganization is about optimizing how we harness the community's talents. We aim to recognize and utilize the best available expertise to promptly meet our Community and Committees' needs. Your contributions remain highly valued, and this new structure seeks to provide more opportunities for everyone to engage meaningfully and make significant impacts.

If you have any questions you can discuss this with any Committee Secretary or the Committee Liaison (Karen W).

Within Intersect we have two types of groups, Working Groups and Special Interest Groups. We appreciate it is a little confusing having two types of working groups which are different in purpose and nature. Note: Working Groups may be general and assigned to a Committee for a specific body of work, there are also Technical Working Groups which are formed to aid developers working on a specific project.

Working Groups

Working Groups are aligned to an Intersect Committee and their purpose.

Working Groups are:

  • Aligned to and overseen by a Committee,

  • Informal and open in nature

  • Short-term

  • Focused around a defined purpose

  • Have an agreed output.

Any Member can request to be part of a Working Group, you can contact them through their discord channel.

Active Working Groups are being confirmed a revised graphic will be published by end of Q2.

Please don't hesitate in contacting the a committee or the Committee Liaison if you have any questions.

Working Group Guidelines and How-To:

Technical / Product Working Groups

Technical Working Groups which are aligned to Cardano Infrastructure development, they were previously also known as Product Working Groups.

Technical Working Groups are:

  • Defined by the scope of the development they have been commissioned to deliver

  • Different in time length as this will depend on their development delivery and these timescales confirmed with Delivery Assurance Technical Steering Committee or Open Source Committee.

  • Have agreed and formalised milestones / key deliveries

  • More formal in nature as they have been "commissioned" to deliver a technical development.

Special Interest Groups

Intersect Special Interest Groups are a newer concept within Intersect.

Special Interest Groups are:

  • Groups of members who are all interested in a specific subject.

  • Informal and open in nature

  • Formed around the subject of interest and

  • Not time bound.

  • Able to convert to being a Working Group if appropriate.

  • Aligned to a committee / function if their subject aligns to a committee purpose

Anyone can request to be part of a Special Interest Group, you can contact them through their discord channel.

A link to form a Special Interest Group will be posted here. (When Available)

Special Interest Group Guidelines and How-To:

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