Definition of the Hydra technical / product working group at Intersect.

The working group is currently being formed and a dedicated git repository was chosen to form charter and processes. This document here is a copy / index of important sections from the charter.

The charter itself is in draft status and the first work item of the working group will be to ratify it. This includes any procedures around membership.

Now is the time to get involved if you want to shape the future of Hydra concretely, and what features / related projects are to be funded to which make our overall vision on Cardano scaling come true.

Purpose / Goal

Why is this working group needed?

  • Open discussion and governance of the hydra project roadmap

  • Identify and scope fundable features and projects related to Hydra into a roadmap to be ratified by the community (e.g. through intersect)

  • Break up silos and cross-pollinate projects across the broader domain of scaling Cardano transaction processing

Working group lead

  • Sebastian Nagel (founding / interim)

Working group members

Any stakeholder or enthusiast is free to join this working group, whether working for an organisation in the ecosystem or not.

New members must participate in one meeting and state their interest in joining the group. Members may not vote in the first meeting that they attend.

Working group deliverables

What are we doing concretely?

  • Prioritize and scope out 💬 features from 💭 feature ideas and 💡 idea discussions.

  • Create and maintain a high-level backlog of fundable features and projects/RFPs (level of detail to be defined)

  • Coordinate ratification by the community through Intersect

  • Review and report on individual project deliveries

Collaboration channels

Working Group Meeting date and time

To be determined.

If you read this far you might want to join us once we start the roadmap discussions? Signal interest on above's collaboration channels by dropping a message on Discord, on Twitter, or by opening an issue.

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