😏(05/17/2024) Meeting Minutes


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Old Business:

  • Policy WG (Adam D.)

  • Security WG (N. Clarke)

  • Project Framework WG:

  • Project Incubation WG

  • Update from OSO Team

    • Progress towards deliverables

    • Short-term goals for contributions to core projects

New Business:

  • Matterbridge

    • Sam Leathers

  • Archiving communications

  • Intersect Member’s Area Testing

  • OSC Meeting during Consensus

  • Open Forum

Discussion Point

Notes / Action Items

Actions: Responsible / Note



Security Working Group Update (Nicholas Clarke):

Policy Working Group Update (Adam Dean):

Security Working Group

Project Framework and Incubation

Archiving Communications

Member Area Testing for Intersect

Upcoming Meeting Discussion

Each committee member introduced themselves and their affiliations.

Focused on defining initial security policies.

Proposed a document for endorsement by the full committee.

Suggested a two-week review period before voting.

Shared the document link for further comments and review.

Establishing clear definitions and policies for committees, working groups, and task forces.

Most recent meeting included members from MCC, Civics, and other committees.

Goal: Common vocabulary and policy framework.

Plan to set regular meetings for the policy subcommittee.

Review and provide feedback on the security policy document within two weeks.

Continue refining the project lifecycle framework.

Set up regular meetings for the policy subcommittee.

Align incubation processes with the overall framework.

Framework Working Group Update (Bogdan Coman):

Incubation Working Group Update (Christian Taylor):

Discussed the project lifecycle framework with stages: Incubation, Growth, Maturity, Decline, and Sunset.

Proposed splitting the final stage into 'Archived' and 'Abandoned'.

Shared the draft document and a diagram summarizing the framework.

Emphasized the framework’s non-linear nature.

Tailoring the incubation process to align with the new project lifecycle framework.

Addressing the transition criteria between stages.

Ensuring coordination with other committees to cover all necessary aspects.

Commercialization and Utility Working Group:

Open Source Committee Updates:

Status: In incubation stages.

Objective: Building utility for Cardano by identifying general use cases and proposing projects.

Action Item: Christian Taylor to facilitate the ideation phase and propose intersect as a broker for these connections.

Strategy Amendment: Aim to increase community collaboration by enabling a community member to make changes directly into mainnet.

Pilot Project: Adam Dean to lead a 30-day trial for maintainer role involving cardano addresses. Testing criteria include CIP-95 integrations and back 32 pieces.

Terence McCutcheon and Christian Taylor to provide updates on the commercialization and open source initiatives.

Follow-up meeting in 2-4 weeks to review progress and finalize decisions.

General consensus to move forward with proposed amendments and initiatives. Further formalization and implementation details to be discussed in upcoming meetings.

Adam to merge and review the code.

Christian Taylor to map current maintainers and ensure transparency.

Formalize contracts and governance policies for maintainers.

Security and Communication Platforms:

Use of MatterBridge to connect Telegram and Discord channels; consideration of

Mattermost for improved control and security.

Security Concerns: Emphasis on strict permissions for sensitive communications, especially for the Security Council.

Action Items:

Matrix Channels: Potential expansion of the pilot to include slack integration with intersect's slack instance.

Further discussions to finalize the best platform for secure communications.

Coordinate with Nick and Matt to determine guidelines for security channels.

Coordinate a separate meeting with Adam Dean, Nick Clarke, and the policy working group to finalize communication and security platform decisions.

Research and gather thoughts over the next 2-4 weeks, then escalate for implementation.

Archiving Communications

Intersect Members Area Testing


Upcoming Meetings and Attendance


Open Discussion

Consensus Event:

Migration to Open Source:

Nicholas Clarke proposed the need for a policy on community communications archiving and record-keeping.

Action Item: Deferred for discussion in the next meeting or the policy technical working group.

Next phase of beta testing for the members area is starting next week.

Open Source Committee members will be contacted separately with test information.

Action Item: Members to provide feedback on bugs and issues during testing.

Consensus event attendance may affect the next scheduled meeting.

Suggestion to move the meeting to the 7th instead of canceling.

Decision: The meeting will be rescheduled to the 7th.

Attendees at the consensus event are encouraged to meet up.

Informal gatherings and discussions at the event are planned.

Silona:Shared a light moment with a joke about medical students and doctors.

Update by Christian Taylor on the status of the migration and open-source reports.

All instances have been migrated, and the space now reflects the new structure.

Next meeting is set for the 7th.

For any immediate needs, contact oso@intersectmbo.org.

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