😍2024 OSO Roadmap

Approved by the OSC on (2/16/24)

Public Deck Available Here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jIburc13RppwphKJGa22mRWh1SXLKs_d655kWu7M3SU/edit#slide=id.g26690c0b6d8_0_203

All items here are subject to change each quarterly cadence by the Open Source Committee.

Establishing Open Source in 2024: Intersect's OS strategy centers on building a robust foundation for OSO operations, emphasizing effective governance and strategic alignment. Pilot testing initiatives will provide valuable insights and enhance adaptability. The approach extends to ensuring legal compliance, fostering collaboration, promoting inclusivity and diversity, and maintaining a commitment to continuous improvement. This involves refining strategies and optimizing processes based on feedback, establishing a dynamic and evolving framework. Quarter 1 of 2024: Governance and Foundations

  1. Establish OSO governance model and structure

  2. Develop open source strategy and policies

  3. Functional reporting areas for delivery assurance

  4. GitHub audit for policy alignment

  5. Testing Criteria for open source strategy

Quarter 2 of 2024: Pilots and Optimization

  1. Implement open source pilots to test open source proof of concept

  2. Develop metrics and reporting mechanisms

  3. Refine strategy and policies based on pilot insights

  4. Define project incubation process

Quarter 3 of 2024: Compliance and Collaboration

  1. Conduct legal compliance audit and update documentation

  2. Identify strategic collaboration opportunities

  3. Onboard external open source projects

Quarter 4 of 2024: Continuous Improvement

  1. Refine open source policies and strategy

  2. Implement inclusion initiatives

  3. Optimize release management process

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