Developer Experience Working Group

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Purpose / Goal

Γ‚Identifying and presenting how Intersect MBO can facilitate improvements of the Developer Experience across Cardano ecosystem.

The Open Source Committee

Working group lead

Aleksei Seregin

Working group members

Randall Harmon, Waalge/Dominic, Rupert Whitehead, Eduardo Pava. For the full list of contributors refer to the GitHub page.

Working group deliverables

Developer Experience Policy reference document

Stakeholders (optional segment)

  • Project Maintainers

  • Developers and Contributors

  • Open Source Office (OSO)

  • Technical Steering Committee (TSC)

  • Open Source Committee (OSC)

  • Open Source Community Members

  • Project Users and Beneficiaries

Collaboration channels

Working Group Meeting date and time

Refer to the Minutes for the time of the next meeting.

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