😬Open Source Committee Charter

What is the Open Source Committee (OSC)?

The Open Source Committee is an advisory committee that brings together relevant stakeholders from within the Cardano Ecosystem. The purpose of the OSC is to use the knowledge and observations of these individuals in order to provide guidance, support, and oversight for Intersect's open source initiatives, ensuring alignment with overall business objectives.

The OSC is responsible for:

  1. Provide strategic direction and input on Intersect's open source initiatives and policies

  2. Manage working groups

  3. Evaluate the output of working groups and the OSO

Goals of the Committee

  • (Legitimacy) Maintain the legitimacy of the Cardano Open Source Project (COSP). The COSP is not just a collection of GitHub repositories. It is the source code for the binaries that are deployed onto the real Cardano mainnet. This status can be lost if the project loses legitimacy: a majority of SPOs could choose to deploy code built from a fork. It is therefore of the utmost importance to maintain the legitimacy of the COSP in the eyes of the community.

  • (Quality) Maintain the security and health of the Cardano mainnet. That means we must be committed to high quality, both in decision-making and in writing software.

  • (Sustainability) Development of the COSP must continue. Many open-source projects die: people lose interest, move on, knowledge is lost, etc. If that happens to the COSP, then the Cardano network may become stagnant.

  • (Citizenship) Be a good Open Source citizen. We want the COSP to be a model in the open-source world. That means taking the time to contribute to the broader ecosystem.

Operating Procedures


  1. In Person or Video Meeting Voting Procedures: All topics on which the OSC will take a vote will need a simple committee majority tallied during the meeting in which the OSC convenes, tally and action to be recorded by the Secretary.

  2. Offline Voting Procedures: All topics on which the OSC will take a vote will need a simple committee majority tallied based on the medium on which the OSC chooses. Current voting procedure utilizes Discord where one or multiple topics will be posted to also for committee comments and the ability to mark a vote based on emojis as dictated by the post instructions. A simple majority of the correct emoji is needed to continue proceedings.

  3. No Vote: In the event of a no vote or insufficient vote, topics or items will then be shelved or facilitated to revision based on the nature of the vote.

  4. A vote by a committee should be considered binding if it receives a simple majority of positive votes from a quorum consisting of at least two thirds of the committee members being present and participating in the vote

Roles / Responsibilities





Nick Clarke (Interim)

Serve as agenda setter, moving the committee in direction of it’s assigned or agreed objectives

Vice Chair

Sandip Pandey (Interim)

Support the chair in the same capacity and serve as delegate if chair unavailable



Serves as liaison for committee, taking minutes, publications, and admin


Ronald, Marcin, Daniel, Philip, Adam, Christian (OSO )

Serve as decision body composition, analysis work, and contribution to committee directly

External Member Base

External list growing daily

Follow-on mtg min publications, external validation and feedback, contribution to committee indirectly and through committee controlled channels

Intermediate to Future State

As this interim committee is to help bootstrap the Open source work for Intersect, each candidate was selected due to their experience, interest, and collaboration within the Cardano Ecosystem on successful open source projects. The formation of this committee is from August 2023 until July 2024. Each member will be able to campaign for their seat again for Q3 2024.

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