😎(02/16/24) Meeting Minutes

Recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14yFNnL5ofdy9YK_TtgqwR2SMn050ESS9/view


Old Business:

  • Update from Policy TWG (Marcin or CT)

  • Update from Strategy TWG (Sandip, Gheorge)

  • Update on Workflow for the OSPO (Gheorge)

  • Update on Project Incubation Policy (CT)

New Business:

  • Grants (Gemma)

  • Pat Delegating Nick Clarke as new Chair of OSC

  • Open Forum

Action Items:

Discussion PointAction Item / NotesResponsible

New Chair of Interim OSC

Pat S has to step down to other, Nick Clarke was agreed by OSC for him to be Pat's delegate.

Nick Clarke / Pat Sheridan

2024 Roadmap

OSC voted on OSPO / Open Source roadmap for 2024.


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