😉(02/02/24) Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2024

Recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JBoesUbw9p6Flsh4I5RApPoye6ccWV8J/view


  • Old Business:

  1. Update from Policy TWG (MPJ)

  2. Update from Strategy TWG (Sandip or CT)

  3. Update on Workflow for the OSPO (CT)

  • New Business:

  1. Voting PR (Adam Dean)

  2. Delivery Assurance (Matt D)

  3. OS Licenses (Alex S)

Action Items:

Discussion Points:Action Item / Notes:Repsonsible:

Governance Policy

OSC voted to enact the Governance policy and Marcin agreed to test policy pilot.

Marcin / OSC / OSPO


Pick a communication tool and check it there is negative view to this. CT to set-up Matrix / Github discussions platform.


Voting PR

OSC agreed to keep PR in draft until Intersect general governance is provided.

AD / Matt D / CT

BSL Licenses

Further converstaions to be held to understand OS licenses, consultation proposal with the TSC, revisit in March for conversation.

Alex S / Randall / OSC / TSC

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