😛(04/19/2024) Meeting Minutes

Apr 19, 2024 | Open Source Committee (Intersect)


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Old Business:

  1. Update from Policy TWG

    1. Security policy draft - OSC Security Policy draft

  2. Formation of Project Framework TWG

    1. Update from Bogdan on thoughts

  3. Project Incubation TWG

    1. Project Services Assessment

  4. Update from OSO Team

    1. Progress towards deliverables

  5. Voting/Board Appointment process

    1. Conversation started, incomplete

New Business:

  1. Election to replace MPJ

  2. Strategy for future elections

  3. Open Forum

Discussion Point

Notes / Action Items

Actions: Responsible / Note

Intro, Election Process, Working Groups

Terence McCutcheon opened the meeting with a review of the agenda.

Terence McCutcheon mentioned the ongoing formation of the project framework working group.

Discussion on elections, including the replacement of Michael Peyton Jones.

Strategy discussions for future elections were initiated.

Michael Peyton Jones provided an update on the policy draft related to security.

Emphasized the need for a structured process to address security concerns.

Discussed the draft proposal for a security officer role and the necessity for swift implementation.

Silona Bonewald raised a point about compensation for community members involved in security-related work.

  • Continue refining the security policy draft.

Christian Taylor initiated a discussion on security.

Concerns were raised about the urgency of establishing security protocols.

Silona Bonewald suggested exploring specific qualifications and NDAs for security committee members.

Nicholas Clarke highlighted the administrative nature of the security officer role.

Adam Dean expressed concerns about maintaining confidentiality regarding the security team's identities.

Suggestions were made to revise NDAs to suit the specific needs of the security committee.

Christian Taylor mentioned the potential involvement of an intern from the TSC.

Further discussion on the drafting of NDAs and the need for specific terms ensued.

  • Seek agreement on the interim appointment of a security officer.

  • Ensure backup support for the security officer role.

  • Work towards establishing proper security protocols in the near future.

Project vs Product

Project Framework WG

Project Incubation WG

The meeting continued with Christian Taylor initiating the discussion, which focused on distinguishing between projects and products within the Cardano ecosystem.

Bogdan Coman introduced the concept of a project lifecycle framework, suggesting that incubation should be viewed as part of the broader end-to-end lifecycle framework. He emphasized the importance of understanding the differentiation between projects and products, citing challenges faced during product interviews.

Michael elaborated on the distinction between projects and products within the OSC context. He emphasized that the OSC primarily deals with ongoing open-source projects, regardless of whether they are labeled as products or collections of software repositories.

Silona addressed the overlap between productization and the OSC's focus on projects. She highlighted that product-related discussions should be directed to other committees, emphasizing the OSC's focus on best practices for open-source projects.

Bogdan presented a proposed set of project phases, including ideation, validation, incubation, maturity, and sunset phases. Nicholas Clarke suggested truncating the ideation phase due to the nature of projects brought to Intersect.

Nicholas emphasized the importance of a validation phase to assess projects before incubation, considering factors such as community interest and alignment with Intersect's goals.

Bogdan raised concerns about managing the influx of project proposals and suggested the need for a process to handle project submissions effectively.

Michael emphasized that Intersect does not centrally generate projects but rather provides a platform for community-driven initiatives. He clarified that project validation and funding are beyond the OSC's scope.

Silona reiterated that project validation and funding discussions fall outside the OSC's purview and should involve collaboration with other committees and organizations within the Cardano ecosystem.

Christian emphasized the need to align discussions within the OSC with its primary focus on open-source project best practices. The meeting continued with a decision to redirect funding and validation discussions to relevant committees and organizations.

  • Further discussions on project validation and funding to involve collaboration with Catalyst, Cardano Foundation, and other relevant groups.

  • Clarification of the OSC's role in supporting open-source projects within the Cardano ecosystem.

  • Continued exploration of the project lifecycle framework applicable to Intersect's goals.

Project Framework WG

Project Incubation WG

Christian Taylor presented updates on the project lifecycle framework, emphasizing the importance of understanding the lifecycle phases, including ideation, validation, incubation, and maturity.

Bogdan Coman raised questions about the differentiation between projects and products within Cardano and solicited opinions from the committee members.

Michael Peyton Jones highlighted the need to clarify jurisdiction issues within the committee, expressing frustration at the lack of clarity in defining responsibilities.

Maintainer Roles/Responsibilities

Membership Integration

George shared an initial draft defining maintainer roles, responsibilities, and the personal development path for becoming a maintainer.

Silona Bonewald commended George's efforts and provided feedback, particularly appreciating the inclusion of security considerations.

Christian Taylor mentioned progress on sorting member data, aiming for completion by the end of the month.

  • Members to provide feedback on George's draft of maintainer roles.

Nomination/ Election Suggestions

Meeting Conclusion

Adam Dean proposed a two-week open call for nominations to replace Michael's seat, with a subsequent assessment based on nominee interest.

Discussion ensued regarding the necessity of defining governance processes and the challenges in implementing an election system.

Christian Taylor suggested organizing a farewell event for Michael at the end of the month, which was humorously acknowledged.

Terence McCutcheon provided the group email for communication and reminded members to utilize the ClickUp space for tracking working group progress.

Bogdan Coman shared updates on the upcoming working group meeting.

  • Christian to finalize the nomination process for the Vice Chair position.

  • Committee members to utilize the ClickUp space for tracking working group progress.

  • Bogdan to coordinate the upcoming working group meeting.

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