🥸(05/03/2024) Meeting Minute


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Old Business:

  1. New Lead for Policy WG

    • Nominee(s): Adam D.

  2. Security WG (Nick Clarke)

  3. Project Framework WG:

    • Update from Alex

  4. Project Incubation WG

    • Update from CT

    • Scheduled first WG

  5. WG Participants

    • How to Join

    • Define WG meeting dates/times

  6. Update from OSO Team

    • Progress towards deliverables

New Business:

  1. Voting Process

    • Tex - Response from MCC

    • Adam D. Proposed Voting Rules/Procedures specific to OSC

    • Voting for 2 seats (replace MPJ & Matthias)

  2. Bi-Monthly Cadence Proposal

  3. Open Forum

Discussion Point

Notes / Action Items

Actions: Responsible / Note


Policy WG

Terence McCutcheon: Welcome everyone to today's Open Source Committee meeting. We'll begin with a brief introduction of our committee seats.

Terence McCutcheon: Secretary, IntersectMBO, Open Source Analyst/Program Manager

Nicholas Clarke: Chairman, Modus Create (Tweag), Director of Engineering

Sandip Pandey: Vice Chair, Deep Quadrant, involved in testing and development, heavily involved in Cardano

Ronald Span: CEO, Deep Quadrant, involved in Cardano since 2017, staple operator

Adam Dean: Founder, Adam Dean LLC (TheRealAdamDean), interim CTO for DripDropz

Christian Taylor: Head of Open Source Office, Intersect, coordinates committee efforts

Policy Working Group Update

Adam Dean volunteered to lead the policy working group, aiming to define policies for working groups to ensure their effectiveness.

Terence McCutcheon assigned Adam to lead the group and requested updates on its progress.

Security WG

Project Framework WG

WG/SIG Input from MCC rep

Nicholas: Updates from the Security working group. We're finalizing the security policy and will send it for ratification. Also, discussing document ownership.

Alex: Updates from Project Framework working group. Discussed project stages, primarily focusing on incubation. Reviewed actions necessary for successful projects.

Silona Bonewald: Integration of Project Lifecycle Framework into broader planning. Standardizing processes across groups.

Karen Wickham: Expecting more clarity on Working Group vs. Special Interest Group definitions by next week.

Nick to finalize the security policy for review.

Alex to continue refining the Project Lifecycle Framework.

Karen to provide clarification on Working Groups and Special Interest Groups.

Project Incubation WG

Open Forum Discussion:

Working Group Participation

Concerns with Matrix

Christian Taylor: Project Incubation meeting scheduled for next Thursday to finalize process and evaluation criteria.

Terence McCutcheon initiated a discussion regarding the participation in working groups, emphasizing the need to ensure functionality and inclusion. Adam Dean raised concerns about the unclear definition and documentation of working groups, suggesting the need for clarity on group goals and membership eligibility. Christian Taylor highlighted the importance of the intersect git book for defining working group goals and the process for starting new groups.

Silona and Christian discussed issues with Matrix and proposed exploring alternative coordination tools. Christian committed to resolving Matrix issues.

Policy WG to further define the purpose of Working Groups. Tex to coordinate with Policy WG to determine who is eligible to participate.

OSO to learn How to use Matrix easier. OSC can opt to vote to change the communication channel if/when desired.

Voting Procedures

Meeting Cadence Proposal

Open Source Office Updates

The decision was made to postpone voting procedures until Q3 to allow time for defining policies and ensuring effective implementation.

Christian proposed transitioning from weekly to bi-monthly meetings to allow more time for working group updates and development progress. The attendees agreed to the proposal.

Christian provided updates on the open source office's progress, including initiatives related to diversity in maintainership, governance policies, and core components on Cardano. Silona outlined the responsibilities of maintainers and emphasized the importance of community involvement in defining roles.

Christian suggested either extending the interim committee or holding a partial committee re-election.


The meeting concluded with Terence thanking the attendees and reminding them of the next meeting on May 17th. Christian reiterated the importance of communication via the group email. Nicholas Clarke expressed gratitude, and the meeting adjourned.

Terence encouraged feedback and updates on meeting schedules and emphasized the importance of communication via the oso@intersectmbo.org email address. Christian jokes about directing complaints to Tex rather than himself.

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