Policy Working Group


To come up with an initial set of policies for Intersect projects. This should be ready and agreed with the Cardano projects before they are brought over.

The initial output should be as minimal as possible, but should cover:

  • Basic open source good practice

  • Project governance

  • Some amount of "meta-policy"

    • Where policy should live

    • How changes should be made to it

    • What sort of things are in scope for policy; general principles

Since this is a working group, we should end up with an actual artifact representing our first policy draft.


  • People currently working on the Cardano projects

    • Team leads

    • Engineers

  • OSO (Christian)


  • Adam Dean (Lead)

  • Marcin Szamotulski

  • Kevin Hammond

  • Nicholas Clarke

  • Silona Bonewald

Communications Channel(s)

  • Discord

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