🤓(04/26/2024) Meeting Minutes

Apr 26, 2024 | Open Source Committee (Intersect)


Recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gvm8Upx-rYTjna7Y6RAMRIrRURyYOTmv/view

Transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/167GT-e8zeC-Ll8dOFzRqh1fciJEirUE1bo50Jgm7ppw/edit


Old Business:

  1. Vice Chair Election

    • Nominee: Sandip Pandey

  2. Project Framework WG

    • First WG Meeting

  3. Update from OSO Team

    • Progress towards deliverables

New Business:

  1. Committee Member Appointment process

    • Conversation started, WG?

  2. New Lead for Policy/Security WG

  3. Open Forum

Discussion Point

Notes / Action Items

Actions: Responsible / Note

Nomination of Vice Chair:

Terence: Welcome, everyone, to the Open Source Committee meeting for April 26th. I apologize for the late agenda distribution. Let's proceed with the agenda items. Firstly, we need to nominate a vice-chair before MPJ leaves. Sandip has been nominated for the role.

Sandip P. was the only Nominee, a Quorum of 9 committee members had been established. Ronald, Gheorghe, Michael, Nicholas, Terence, and Alex reacted with acceptance for Sandip.

Sandip to be listed as OSC Vice Chair in all Gitbook References.

Update on Project Framework Working Group:

Discussion on Framework Ideation:

Discussion on Reporting and Overview:

Terence: Bogdan, please provide an update on the Project Framework Working Group's recent meeting.

Bogdan: We had our initial meeting where we discussed the framework's structure. Silona suggested a less prescriptive approach, allowing flexibility for projects. However, meeting our deadline for framework completion by the end of the quarter might be challenging.

Silona: Yes, we aim to provide guidance without being overly prescriptive.

Michael: It seems we're awaiting input from other groups. Should we park this for now?

Silona: No, we need to create templates but avoid overstepping boundaries. Our focus should be on open source projects, not productization.

Terence: Any additional points regarding the Project Framework Working Group?

Silona: We're focusing on projects, not products.

Sandip: Regarding the project lifecycle framework, it would be beneficial to include an overview dashboard for community visibility.

Sandip: I believe reporting is crucial due to the varying statuses of projects. It would be beneficial to have an overview. Is this included in the project lifecycle?

Bogdan: So you're referring to reporting to understand each project's status in real-time?

Sandip: Yes, some projects categorize themselves under different lifecycles, but it would be better to have it within the project itself, editable by maintainers. This way, if everything is updated, it could be auto-generated. Establishing this early in the framework would be advantageous.

Bogdan: Agreed.

Bogdan: Our next meeting is scheduled for May 1st. I'll refine the framework using metrics from our product strategy department.

Alex: I'll review the meeting minutes for accuracy regarding technical tools discussed.

Silona: Please email me the minutes for my task list.

Terence: Kindly send the minutes to me as well.

Monitoring and Observability Discussion:

Implementation of Metrics:

Integration with Discord:

Silona: Sandip, we're discussing similar aspects on the product side, particularly regarding funding and ongoing monitoring. We're exploring tools for observability, including GitHub, Bitergia, and custom solutions. The focus is on monitoring rather than traditional reporting.

Bogdan: Regarding monitoring and telemetry, I've finalized a proposal for monitoring strategy and metrics. We need to transition from document to implementation, possibly through a dashboard. I'm still exploring data acquisition methods.

Bogdan: I've experimented with extracting data from Discord channels for metrics purposes. Once decisions are made, we'll have a comprehensive view across platforms.

Silona: Sandip, you can check out Cauldron for dashboard examples. Bitergia offers tools like Grimoire for metrics visualization. We're working on integrating various data sources for comprehensive monitoring.

Update from Open Source:

Committee Member Appointment Process:

Gheorghe: Thank you for the feedback on Maintainer documents. I've divided the information into smaller documents for easier consumption. Additionally, I've reviewed the Developer Advocate Program and begun drafting contracts.

Terence: If anyone needs further clarification on Bitergia or any other aspect, feel free to reach out to me offline. We're still working on integrating dashboards from Bitergia into our workflow.

Terence initiated a discussion on the appointment process for committee members. He proposed a two-week nomination period followed by a voting process. Input from the attendees was requested, and further details will be provided in the next meeting.

Gheorghe: I'll focus on compliance, project checklist templates, and the Maintainer trial program.

Security Working Group:

Policy Working Group:

Contributor Licensing Agreements (CLAs):

Membership Progress:

Focus on Working Groups:

Open Forum:

Closing Remarks:

There was a discussion about reinstating the Security WG, which was mistakenly removed. Nicholas Clarke volunteered to Lead the Security WG, while the need for a Policy Lead was discussed.

Michael highlighted the need for someone to drive the Policy WG, which has ongoing tasks related to Governance policies. It was suggested to wait for Marcin or Adam's availability to Lead, or to find another nominee.

Silona emphasized the importance of CLAs for intersect's open source projects, citing potential legal liabilities without them. Terence acknowledged the need to address this issue promptly.

Terence provided an update on membership growth and efforts to engage members in working groups. Further details on membership numbers and engagement strategies will be shared in subsequent meetings.

Terence emphasized the need for working groups to focus on relevant tasks and discussions, ensuring alignment with the committee's objectives. Future meetings may limit off-topic discussions and redirect them to the appropriate working groups.

Attendees were encouraged to raise any additional topics or concerns. Silona offered assistance with diagramming committee structures and shared expertise in project management and crowdfunding.

Terence thanked Sandip for stepping up as Vice Chair and reminded attendees to look out for meeting invites for the next session. The meeting concluded with expressions of gratitude from the attendees.

  • Terence to provide further details on the committee member appointment process.

  • Nicholas to lead the Security Working Group.

  • Identification of a lead for the Policy Working Group to be determined.

  • Prompt action to address the need for Contributor Licensing Agreements.

  • Updates on membership growth and engagement strategies to be shared in subsequent meetings.

  • Emphasis on focused discussions within working groups to align with committee objectives.

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