CIP-95 support for Cardano Transaction Library (CTL)

The Cardano-Transaction-Library will be updated to support new Conway primitives and implement a CIP-95-enabled wallet connector. Successful implementation of this proposal would benefit Cardano transaction library users, who will unlock the ability to interact with CIP-1694 primitives via CIP-95 wallet interfaces.

Grant value: 106,000 ADA

  • Milestone 1 - Serialization Support

    1. Conway-compatible version of purescript- cardano- serialization-lib library (PS-CSL).

    2. Release notes.

  • Milestone 2 - Core types implementation

    1. Conway-compatible version of purescript- cardano-types library

      (formerly part of CTL, now afactored out standalone library).

    2. Release notes.

  • Milestone 3 - CIP-0095 PureScript implementation

    1. A new PureScript package (library) is created,similar in spirit to purescript- cip30-typesafe,that provides CIP-95 primitives as a PureScript API.

  • Milestone 4 - Prepare for CTL update

    1. An intermediate version of CTL with dependencies updated to support Conway features.

  • Milestone 5 - CTL Update

    1. The final release of CTL with Conway transactions and CIP-0095 support included.

    2. CTL release notes.

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